Целевое управление ресурсами

The Center for Financial Expertise "TARGET" specializes in the area of carrying out financial and economic, accounting and management expertise.

We provide the following types of judicial and pre-judicial financial and economic expertise:

  1. Research of indicators of a financial condition and economic activity of the business enterprise (specialty code 17.1)
    • Financial and economic expertise investigates the indicators of a financial condition and economic activity of the business enterprise;
    • Financial and economic expertise identifies the facts of deviations from Contract provisions, violations in the sphere of financing, operations with securities, registrations and receiving the Bank Credits;
    • Deliberate and fictitious bankruptcy expertise allows to establish indications of illegal acts of the business enterprise management, to reveal unprofitable transactions on property "draining", registration of assets on figureheads, etc.;
    • Debtor’s indicators of financial balance expertise allows to define factors of debtor’s financial and economic activity and the indicators used for their calculation and dynamics of their change. This expertise will help to establish the reasons of loss of solvency taking into account dynamics of the change of financial and economic activity’s factors.
  2. Research of Accounting records (specialty code 18.1)
    • Accounting and economic expertise investigates accounting records for the sake of distorted data check in them;
    • Accounting and tax expertise focuses on distortions in accounting, tax accounting and identification and their influence on size of taxable base on profit, property, etc.;
    • Salary payment and charges expertise consists of research of operations on charges and salary payment and calculation of corresponding taxes, sum of tax payments in the budget and insurance funds.
7 facts
  1. All our employees have wide practical experience of successful interaction in economic sphere with different business enterprises.
  2. Specialists of our organization are Dcs, Professor and PhD Associate Professors. They have Certificates of conformity of non-state judicial experts’ system, Certificates of Russian Institute of professional accountants and auditors.
  3. Terms of carrying out financial and economic expertise by us depend on the time taken to reach high-quality standards.
  4. Our solutions to your tasks are private business. We are ready to discuss the issues related to the cost of our work and order of mutual settlements on an agreed (beneficial) basis.
  5. We provide safety of documents received from you during the expertise and we do not disclose data containing in them to the third parties.

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